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Philae4.jpg (7433 bytes)On the boat to Philae from Aswan  We passed a pretty little temple on the waterside






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Philae2.jpg (38780 bytes)    The Temple of IsisPhilae3.jpg (26842 bytes)












Grafitti.jpg (8195 bytes)Roman grafitti from (if I remember correctly) the fourth century BC!   The scan isn't clear, but below B. Mure is carved "Stultus Est", apparently, "B. Mure is stupid"!






By amazing coincidence (it really was!), we were in Luxor at the Temple of Isis on Philae (near Aswan Dam in Upper Egypt) in April 1984 when my mom was visiting, and Hisham suddenly said, "Look, there's Nora!" And it was... with HER parents visiting and they had decided to go to Luxor! So here's a picture of all of us!



Aswan1.jpg (13204 bytes)After our trip to Philae, we found a nice little restaurant on the edge of the Nile.  I took copious notes and kept excruciating track of every purchase and expense; here I am updating after lunch.






We spent the rest of the afternoon at the Oberoi Hotel on Elephantine Island, wandering around the hotel, swimming and lounging by the poolside and sipping cold drinks.  This was over Easter vacation, and the Oberoi Hotel had a live Easter display....

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Well, that's all for now... I've some more pictures to be scanned, so be sure to check back!!!!  Probably within the week or so, but I just wanted to get this page up and running!


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