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Just for fun and something to do, I am throwing bunches of pictures in here--just for the heck of it you understand-- and I'll be getting the text in and rearranging things as time (and work) allow, so bear with me.


If you are bored by other people's photo-histories, leave now!!! *smile*

Oh well, at least I am having fun! :)

My most recent picture, taken last June at Glamour Shots :)


A great profile of Christina at the Renaissance Faire, about April 1994.








My mom and I at St. Louis Zoo, during a trip for our 1989 Hill Family Reunion.


The Fletcher Tribe, all gathered in 1993. My mom, my brother and his family and Christina and I.





Another Glamour Shots photo, June 1996







Christina at Renaissance Faire, April 1994


Christina, April 1994 at Ren Faire


This was taken at a #BBW Channel get-together at Coco's near Pasadena, in July 1996.






The Babysitter Series.....

My 3 y/o lynx-point Siamese, Ming, appointed herself Official Babysitter when Christina was born....

....and even before!


Adopted by my mother and step-dad a year before Christina and I went to Saudi Arabia and re-named by them "Yum-Yum" (think about it), she still considers herself Christina's guardian whenever Christina is visiting!

Christina at age 2-1/2, on our doorstep in Santa Barbara with her faithful shadow :)

At 7 years of age, Christina doesn't appreciate the insistent companionship quite as she should!!!


NOTE:  Yum-Yum sadly passed on last year at the age of 15 years, after months of struggling with breast cancer.  We all miss her!


The Fletcher Tribe gathers once more, for Christmas at my mother's house, 1989.


Not sure when this pic was taken, but this is my mom, who (obviously!) used to work for the wonderful (not) U.S. Postal Service. She was a great mail ma'am, and carried Milkbones and Tender Vittles for all the dogs and cats on her route!  Visit her website, Phyllis' Place.



This pic belongs to Christina, who specifically requested that it be scanned in. This is my mother-in-law, Mama Samira, and my sister-in-law, Nashwa, taken last year at the Red Sea on a family vacation, and the picture sent to Christina by Nashwa.





Taken on the same vacation, this is Nashwa and her sister Hala, at this time about 15 years old... Hala is shown at age 4 in my Egypt Album page :)



My mother intrepidly headed off to China, and here she is in T. Square.


What's a Family Album without at least one birthday picture? Here's Christina's second birthday.



Christina's mom (me!), complete with new (fluffy) perm for the occasion!





We had a great time at the Lazy K-Bar Ranch in Tucson Arizona for one splendid weekend in September 1989! Christina and Mom and I headed out for a gals' weekend out at a dude ranch... it is a wonderful ranch, and I would love to go there again, anytime! Christina was just three years old. We spent a lot of time in the pool and at the corral and in the dining hall *grin*. There was an awesome barbecue Saturday night, with T-bone steaks that would outweigh a poodle, and there were always (homebaked) chocolate chip cookies and lemonade at the ranch house 24 hours a day, and people gathered and chatted anywhere and everywhere! On Sunday we went to the Desert Museum. All in all, I was so impressed with Tucson that I wound up moving there the next year!

Christina at the steps to the St. Louis Arch, during our visit there for the 1989 Hill Family Reunion.

Another Glamour Shots photo... I knew you couldn't live without just one more!!!! :)


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