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I only do beadwork on a loom, not lazy stitch or the cute earrings and stuff :)  Here are a few of the pieces that I've done.  This first piece is made for a tarot bag; one side has a floral pattern, the opposite side is the four directions, and a gold-bead geometric design for the bottom of the bag..

TarotBag.jpg (37862 bytes)


I've made both a bracelet in dark frosted blue and green beads, with gold metal beads setting off the triangles.  I sold both of them (the hatband and the bracelet) to a lovely lady on eBay for her husband :)  Unfortunately I just couldn't manage to get the colors to come out right on the scan, maybe it was the frost texture on the beads, I don't know.  Anyway, it's a very simple, very elegant look!  The pic on the left is the hatband, and on the right is a close-up of the beadwork, that gives a better idea of the colors... except for the gold metal beads which just do NOT show up well!  I've just recently made another hatband of the same colors for myself, I liked it SO much! :)




Another hatband...   You might notice that I really, really like the look of bright translucent beads for the design, on an opaque black background, I use that a lot in my designs!


This is a patch that I made for my jeans vest. It's one of my favorite pieces!  The scan came out a little dark because the beadwork was already sewn onto my vest pocket.  


This next bracelet is my personal favorite.  It's a "traditional" turquoise, meaning
that each turquoise bead has a white center.  The solid hearts are of pearly white beads, while the outlined hearts are also a pearly bead but of an oyster white.

Turq-Pearl Hts.jpg (14477 bytes)

Now, HERE is a major project; a camera strap, 3 feet in length and 33 beads wide.  Now, at 13 rows per inch, that would be 468 rows, times 34 beads across would be 15,444 beads in this camera strap!  I'm just a glutton for punishment :)

Camera.jpg (39395 bytes)


A couple of pieces using Native American designs that I found in a book;
First is an anklet, then a headband:

Naanklet.jpg (17529 bytes)

Headband-NA.jpg (28413 bytes)

and then a little flowered strip that I did "just because" :)

FlowStrip.jpg (15300 bytes)

A few more heart bracelets....

Red Shimmer Hts.jpg (11462 bytes)

Gold-Striped Hts.jpg (12167 bytes)

Pinkpurp.jpg (18226 bytes)

Clear-Pink Hts.jpg (13438 bytes)

...and trying the Greek key design; this first one is really very rich and spectacular,
but I had a hard time getting the colors to come out on the scan.

Nilegkky.jpg (20074 bytes)

Silver-GrnKey.jpg (10154 bytes)


Some experiments with color and geometric designs.  I particularly
like this first one:

Rwb-zigz.jpg (14537 bytes)

Rwb-tria.jpg (11228 bytes)


Now, last but not least, here's my Pride and Joy; a wedding present I made for some
friends of mine.  It's 97 beads across, 97 beads down.  Which makes it about 8" x 10"

WhiteDove.jpg (56252 bytes)



Current projects in the planning stages (or just waiting for a loom to get freed up to get started) include another hatband in the frosted blue/green and gold, like the one above 

  • A "Free Leonard Peltier" patch about the same size as the thunderbird patch up at the top of this page.  I took the official Free Leonard Peltier button and enlarged it a little bit and then traced Leonard's picture onto beading paper and then added the lettering.  I hope it turns as nice as I think it's going to!  It is also going to go on my vest, on the opposite pocket from the thunderbird.

  • The Leonard Peltier flag that is on my Lair page, with his picture on the upside down flag.  That's going to be a big project, probably about  8" x 11" or so, and that will go on the back of my vest. 

  • A long narrow strip to go around the waistband of my jeans vest; I don't know if I'll use the frosted blue/green w/gold pattern as above (yes, I *DO* like that pattern!) or perhaps a Native American pattern.

My poor jeans vest is going to be awfully heavy!! <g>

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