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Recent projects, 2004

Vase from "Crackle" seminar

Mardis Gras Unicorns

Older projects:  "Baby" dragon sill-sitter, dragon, unicorn and fairy chalices by Lakeland; a coyote in AstroGems, an old-fashioned angel that I did in 1976; ice and autumn fairies

Daffodil fairy

Fire Angel:  The first of four elemental angels

Older Projects from the 1990's:


Moonbeam Fairy

Water Bearer -- she took a blue ribbon in the Ceramics Show at Anaheim Convention Center in 1995

More Adventures in Color...
using Gare's Liquid Fairy Dust and fired gold on the harness

My Ice Fairy, done in stains.

La Femme Twenties

a "Moonlight" nightlight


JazzCat and Jazz's Lily, aka
 "Adventures In Color"

A Spanish Lady


Two of my three flower ladies; my first, a redhead in green,
died in the 1994 earthquake. These are done in glazes.

This is a teapot, done in red glaze with halo gold.


Part of a set, these are the Water and Fire fairies, done in glazes,
and a moonbeam fairy behind them, done in stains.


This 3-headed dragon is an incense burner; you put the incense on the base and the smoke comes out the dragons' mouths!

Dolphin Circle done in Antique Brass


Various older projects












Christmas Projects


This is one of the popular old-time Santas, of which there are
many many kinds available!  Below is another Santa with a basket of kittens

 A Christmas bell done in stains.
Behind it you see part of the Loch Ness Monster.





Christina's Projects

Christina made this goose sill-sitter for Yaya's birthday; she hand sculpted the rose and leaves and the little blue flowers


  This is Christina's first effort at free-hand painting onto ceramics, and it won her her very first blue ribbon at the Anaheim ceramics show!




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