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This cute little guy is from a neat place, Rowaida's Homepage, a really fun place to visit... a "must see" for anyone with a fine appreciation for The Lighter Side!

For a real gas, and some, um.... eye-opening theories, try Life's Mysteries Solved!  Don't forget to check out his Nessie and Elvis theories!


The Aurora Page... see the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) in all their variations.

Virtual Tours to Mysterious Places!

Guardian's Egypt. This is a great page that I just happened across, and if youhave any interest at all in Egypt, it is a must-visit!

Profiles of Saudi Arabia. Presented to you by the Embassy of Saudi Arabia. Information about Saudi Arabian culture, history, religion, along with newsletters, a message from the Ambassador, current news and happenings in the Kingdom, and links to other pages.


Here are some neat Wiccan links:


OpalCat's Wicca Links. A simple site with just a few (but very appropriate) links to other Wiccan sites, including a Wicca FAQ; addresses the basic tenets of Wicca. And the most beautiful background that I have seen in all my websurfing to date! Once you're there,  Be sure to visit OpalCat's main page for a REAL treat!

Intro to Wicca. Many links to many sites, mostly for those already involved or knowledable about Wicca and are searching further afield, but also includes The Charge of the Goddess, the Wiccan Rede and the (abridged) Principles of Wiccan Belief by the American Council of Witches. A must-visit for the serious seeker.

Rhiannon's Cottage. A listimg of many, many links of Wiccan, pagan and magical sites... a great place for those searching for specific as well as general information! This site is currently under construction, visit back frequently!

About Witchcraft, presented by Covenant of the Goddess (CoG). Although I have nothing to say about the organization itself, I definitely recommend this particular site of theirs for those seeking basic information on what Wicca and witchcraft are all about!


For a complete change of subject (and color), we have:

Discovering Hawaii, an electronic m@g@zine. There is a different feature every month. Beautiful pictures and great articles all about Hawaii.

Virtually Hawaii takes you on a Virtual Field Trip to the islands, amongst other things... especially check out What's New at the Volcano (Kilauea). Become a Virtual Tourist!


Okay, so here's a silly one. Cat Lovers everywhere, Everclean will change your life for the better! Just a plug for a personal favorite... when you have as many cats as I do, you can't be wasting your time with the clay stuff or, even worse (shudder), the cheap imitations that call themselves clumping litter! Go for the REAL clumping litter and you'll never hate cleaning the cat box again!


Well bless my soul, you just won't believe what I found while out surfing the Web... Dr. Ruth's own site, where you can get tips, answer the Question of the Day or even present one of your own, review the answers to previous Questions, and you can even... Ask Dr. Ruth!


Last but most certainly not least, everything you always wanted to find is here at disney.com. Check out Magazines, articles, upcoming movies and events, The Disney Store, interviews, software, TV specials and The Disney Channel movies and listings... it's all here! When you've seen everything there (it'll take a few days to see it all!), take a Virtual Tour of Disneyland! See all the theme lands and the rides; get previews of coming attractions and what is current, park hours and special attractions... check out the Fun Facts and find out how many light bulbs it takes to lite Disneyland... the average life-span of a costume... what dates your favorite rides opened or were revised... how many cars the parking lot can accommodate (15,167!). Read all about the upcoming revision of Tomorrowland! You can spend as many hours at Disneyland's web site as you can at the park itself (ask me how I know)!!!!

hmmm, that's all I've been able to find to date... I'd have more for you if I had unlimited time to surf the Web, but as it is, I have to go work, followed by cleaning the house and making dinner! Maybe I'll bake a cake, too... Come on back again! 


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