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This is our wonderful cabin as we first saw it coming around the bend from the North.... to the South is Emigrant Peak.  Most homes in all of Paradise Valley are built oriented to a view of Emigrant Peak.

Mt97a15.jpg (43919 bytes)And yes, I am going to bore you with lots of pictures of our beautiful cabin, inside and out!  We really did love it, and could have stayed there foreve and ever *sigh*  ....however, it was built as a vacation cabin and rented out during the summer for astronomical sums by the week, and we were there just for the winter off-season.

Mt97a16.jpg (18644 bytes) The view from the driveway looking to the East is below.  Just beyond the cabin the land drops off sharply, down some 20-30 feet to the creek, then rising up to the craigs you see in the background.... red-tailed hawks nest in the craigs and elk usually winter on the upper slopes; unfortunately we had a very mild winter, and the elk never migrated that far :(  The nifty red truck unfortunately belonged to my landlord, not me!  <too bad, huh?>


Next is the South-facing wall, it is just beautiful!  The porch is wide and wraps around to the east, overlooking the creek.  Then a picture taken from the loft bedroom inside, looking through the upper windows out at Emigrant Peak.

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I only have a couple of other pictures of the inside... here are the dining room, taken from the staircase leading to the loft, and one of the loft bedroom.  The furniture in the bedroom was all hand-made from local wood.

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and of course.....

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my office, under the eaves at the top of the stairs






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This is the south porch, looking across the creek to the slopes beyond.... I don't know just exactly how far down the creek bed is, but you can see that the tops ofthe trees along the creek are about even with ground level where the cabin is situated.


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I saw this with the snow on it and just had to take a picture of it.... tromped through the snow and got all cold and wet just to get  a shot, sheesh!










Here's another picture of Emigrant Peak... I like taking pictures of Emigrant Peak <g>

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Believe it or not, I DO have other pictures of the area, not of the Cabin or Emigrant Peak <g> ...and as soon as I get them scanned in, I'll put them up.   I'll be putting up a separate page for Yellowstone, too, so check back. 

In the meantime, we spent several weekends with Buffalo Nation in West Yellowstone, staying in their rustic (very!) cabin with many other volunteers from all over the country, guarding the buffalo from the slaughter that happened last year; be sure to visit my Journal of Buffalo Nation which I just updated the 6th of October, including pictures (but not so many as to make it very slow to load, like some of my other pages!). 


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